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About Us

Thermacrete was founded by a team of visionaries with over six decades of combined professional expertise in the areas of real estate development, construction, asset management, architecture, and design. By integrating the time-tested performance benefits of autoclaved aerated concrete with new, innovative application designs, Thermacrete successfully raised the bar for lightweight, high performance concrete firewall assemblies and rapidly carved a growing niche into the Chicago residential marketplace. Currently servicing a national clientele throughout the residential, commercial, industrial, and retail sectors, Thermacrete continues to expand market penetration into primary metropolitan and secondary markets across the country. Offering a full line of AAC panel products, Thermacrete’s growth strategy centers around the needs of our clients, and the continued identification of means by which we are able to impact bottom-lines through production efficiency, material integration, site coordination, market positioning, minimizing material waste and liability exposure. 

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